The city of Pogradec was built on the southwestern shores of Lake Ohrid and is one of the most notable cities of Albania for its tradition in hosting “family tourism” and for the pleasant, fresh climate during the summer season.

You enter the region of Pogradec via the national highway where the road from Macedonia crosses Qafë Thanë. This crossroad offers picturesque views of Lake Ohrid, a true pearl nestled between Mali i Thatë (the Dry Mountain) to the east and the Mokra highland to the west. A little further down, you might stop at the Lin peninsula and in the village of the same name just 25 km outside of Pogradec. It is said that in ancient times, this was the favorite holiday destination of the Roman Emperor Justinian’s parents. In addition to the enchanting views, one can also discover the mosaics of Lin, dating back to the 7th-6th centuries B.C. This ancient artwork exhibits an amazing ensemble of zoomorphic, floral, and geometric decorations resembling those in ancient Durrës.

The road to Pogradec passes along the shore of the tectonic Lake Ohrid, the deepest lake in the Balkans (285 m). This 2–4-million-year-old lake is under UNESCO protection due to its unique value and is home 17 species of aquatic animals, 70% of which are native and 30% migrant. The sponge of Ohrid is found only here and in Lake Baikal. By the lakeside you will find an array of restaurants, clubs, and comfortable hotels. You must not miss a taste of the traditional fish dishes, especially the baked speckled trout (Koran in Albanian), as well as the famous pickles. You might also sample the various wines on offer, but don’t miss the traditional unique wine of Buti, or the famous Perla and Moskat raki of Pogradec.

Drilon National Park »

Driloni or Voloreka as the people of Pogradec call it, is one of the wonders that nature has created here. It is located 5 km east of Pogradec, very close to the tourist village of Tushemisht.

Driloni is a karstic spring consisting of three streams of water flowing to flow several tens of meters further, on the south-east shore of the lake. One of them, the most important one creates a large water basin, where you can walk, boat, enjoy the beauties of the rich flora and fauna. Oak, maple, poplar, water willow or reed trees make the air fresher and cleaner. While swans and other birds that live here, as well as fresh fish, offer a wonderful landscape.

Guri i Kamjes

Guri i Kamjes is a monument created by nature that from year to year is attracting more and more tourists.

It is located near the village of Dardhë in Pogradec, near Qafë e Lipovës.
Represents an interesting form of relief in the shape of “a ship sailing on the high seas”.
It is about 100 m long, about 80 m wide and about 70 m high. Its shape is related to the greater resistance of the conglomerates that make it up, compared to the clays that build the territory around it.

Pogradec castle ruins & panoramic view point (Kalaja e Pogradecit)

Pogradec Castle is a ruined castle in Pogradec, eastern Albania. At its highest point, it stands 205 metres above Lake Ohrid.